Final publications

icon_newsThe greenAlps project results are available

The final booklet and policy recommendations can be dowloaded directly from our website or be requested in printed version.


icon_news Obstacles to ecological connectivity and ways towards more acceptance and cooperation

What makes it difficult to expand the boundaries of protected areas? How can ecosystem services help to raise public awareness of the importance of protected areas? At a greenAlps workshop, organized by Julian Prealps Nature Park on 27 May 2014 in Resiutta, Italy.  More…

greenAlps shapes the framework for a sustainable and efficient European nature and biodiversity conservation policy for the Alps. It relies on key projects covering essential issues how to best conserve alpine biodiversity and ecosystems, e.g. ECONNECT, recharge.green, SILMAS, SHARE, etc. These projects, linked to different aspects of nature conservation, are interrelated and further integration of their results in policy strategies is based on the valuation of ecosystem services and on a reliable definition of the carrying capacity of Alpine natural habitats. An intact alpine biodiversity calls for long-term oriented spatial and land use planning, new ways of cooperation and a precautionary approach of other key sectors. The successful governance model of pilot areas working beyond protected sites will help to verify the practicability of the proposed strategies and their possible implementation in European policies.