The greenAlps project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund in the frame of the Alpine Space Programme (ASP). The Alpine Space Programme is the EU transnational cooperation programme for the Alps. Partners from the seven Alpine countries work together to promote regional development in a sustainable way. During the period 2007-2013, the programme is investing 130 Mio € in impact-oriented projects in which key actors develop shared solutions on specific Alpine issues in three thematic fields: priority 1: Competitiveness and Attractiveness, priority 2: Accessibility and Connectivity, priority 3: Environment and Risk Prevention.

The greenAlps project falls under priority 3 Environment and Risk Prevention and was approved in the 5th and last call. This call is a strategic call which aims in capitalising results from closed and on-going projects of the previous calls.

The overall objective of greenAlps respects the strategic orientation of the call: to capitalize on the results of e.g. ECONNECT & as key projects for ecological connectivity & biodiversity conservation. With relevant findings from other ETC projects it is foreseen to use the results for drafting a long term, sustainable and integrated environmental policy vision for the Alps. From the ASP perspective 2014+ the draft Common Strategic Framework (CSF) on European cohesion policy requires “a joint management and promotion of natural resources and protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services”. Considering this and knowing the Alps are an European biodiversity hotspot, the greenAlps intends to prepare the ground for building new alliances and for defining innovative cooperation formats.

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