Julian Prealps Nature Park

Nov 26, 2013

The Julian Prealps Nature Park (Parco naturale regionale delle Prealpi Giulie) was established in 1996 and involves six municipalities in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, the most north-eastern part of Italy. It covers a surface of about 100 square of mountain territories. The park is situated between the Julian Prealps and the Alps, bordering Slovenia. The specificities of the territory are shaped by the contact of three great biogeographical areas – the Mediterranean, the Alpine and the Illyrian regions, resulting in great diversity of flora and fauna. The area features several endemic species, the presence of large carnivores and high altitude karst phenomena. We should also mention the unique cultural heritage. The park offers a network of information points and services for visitors. Since 2009 the park has been designated by Europarc as a transboundary protected area together with Triglav National Park. In 2011 it was nominated by the Alpine Convention as pilot region for ecological connectivity.

The role of the Park in the greenAlps project is mainly to inform and promote at local level the topics of ecological connectivity and provision of ecosystem services. This will be done through an active involvement of stakeholders.







Stefano Santi, phone: 0039 433 53 534,  Email: stefano.santi[at]parcoprealpigiulie.it